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TrustFlight Launches Centrik 5 Ahead of Global Safety Mandates



TrustFlightTrustFlight Ltd. (TrustFlight), a technology innovator focused on digitization of the aviation industry, today announced the launch of its leading Centrik Safety Management System (SMS), Centrik 5. Centrik, used by over 70,000 aerospace professionals around the globe, is adopted by every segment of aviation including advanced air mobility (AAM), airlines, airports, business aviation, MROs, OEMs, training organisations, and regulators.

Centrik provides a complete picture into an organisation’s safety profile, bringing together modules for safety, quality, and risk into one integrated platform. Centrik also features advanced modules for documents, workflows, meetings, asset management, and training, enabling large, complex organisations with multiple divisions  and thousands of employees to effectively manage risk. In addition to powerful modules, Centrik also offers ASIAS, ECCAIRS 2, and other integrations to support operations in various regulatory regions to ensure compliance.

“Centrik is leveraged by five of the top ten business aviation fleets globally, making it one of the most popular systems within aerospace for safety,” said Karl Steeves, CEO, TrustFlight. “The sheer breadth and capability of the system makes it one of our flagship offerings, and so significant investment was justified, particularly on the heels of upcoming safety mandates from multiple regulatory authorities.”

Centrik 5 offers the first major refresh to the platform since its launch in 2012. Centrik 5’s completely reimagined UI includes global navigation, a new dark mode, and a powerful dashboard that provides at-a-glance overviews for management as well as focused tasks and actions at the functional level. The new user interface was designed in collaboration with leading safety and human factors experts to reduce user error and the training required for user competency. Additionally, the new UI promotes active use of the system by reducing the actions needed to submit reports, thereby enhancing organisational safety by reducing friction.

In addition to a modernised user interface, Centrik 5 also features performance improvements for improved loading times, providing the ability for distributed teams to quickly access documents, forms, and reports when needed.

One of the most popular features for the cloud-based Centrik platform is the Regulations and Workflows modules, where personnel receive real-time notifications when changes to regulations occur. Once a change is detected, actions or tasks are automatically assigned   relevant parties to ensure amendments are made quickly to maintain compliance.

About TrustFlight

TrustFlight is a digital technology innovator that specialises in the aerospace and aviation domain. The company’s best-in-class solutions and services provide an added layer of safety, efficiency, and insight to everyone involved in the operation and maintenance of aircraft. With over 80,000 active users, TrustFlight’s industry-leading suite of solutions include an Electronic Logbook (ELB), Safety and Quality Management System (SMS/QMS), Reliability Analytics software, the innovative MEL Manager, and aviation Technical Services for continuing airworthiness. Originally founded by two commercial pilots, TrustFlight has grown to become a global firm supporting a wide variety of airlines, airports, regulators, maintenance providers, and business aviation operators around the world.