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Print Advertising Specifications

Magazine overall trim:

8 3/8 x 10 7/8

  • Pro Pilot is perfect bound.
  • Live area: on bleed ads keep essential matter 3/8’’ from trim edge. If producing a spread ad allow a total of a 1/2” space where text crosses the gutter. No gap required for photos or other artwork. Call for further details.
  • A SWOP color proof is required for all ads. Without an accurate SWOP color proof, Pro Pilot will not be able to match the color of your ad exactly.
  • Send ads by email to: art@propilotmag.com if less than 10 MB, or call 1-703-370-0606 for instructions to place ads on our FTP or dropbox.
  • Digital materials required: 

    • PDF/X-1a files required for all ads.

    • Fonts must be outlined or embedded.
    • All colors should be converted to CMYK (*except black text)
    • Crop marks and color bars should be outside printable area

  • Document set up:
    • Adobe InDesign or QuarkXpress should be used for ad layouts.
    • Photoshop – 300 dpi CMYK or grayscale, 600 dpi minimum bitmap, flattened layers, .tif or .eps format, binary encoding (no jpeg and no extra channels)
    • Illustrator – outline all fonts, flatten transparencies, embed all elements (no links).
    • All fonts should be Type 1 or Open Type. All colors must be CMYK, no PMS/Pantone colors. Ink density no to exceed 300%.