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Flight deck electronic aids

From basic information to advanced features, here’s what an EFB application can do for your flight operation. By Owen Davies Contributing writer enior readers probably recall risking back strain just to board their airplanes lugging a bag with up to 40 lb of charts, manuals, and miscellaneous paper. For most pilots, electronic flight bags (EFBs) […]

July 2018

Reducing pilot workload and improving SA

Tactile technology, modular avionics, compact HUDs, voice-control, and aircraft health monitoring systems. By Jake Carpenter Contributing Writer nboard flight controls connect pilots to the aircraft they operate. From the advent of aviation, these controls have evolved rapidly from simple levers and cables to advanced constructs of augmented reality, haptic interfaces, voice recognition, and proactive aircraft […]

CAE adds two new aircraft types for its Vienna training centre and increases maintenance technician training in Central Europe