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Executive Air Taxi named Bismarck Airport’s CAA Preferred FBO



FBOBISMARCK, N.D. Executive Air Taxi proudly announces its selection as Bismarck Municipal Airport’s (KBIS) CAA Preferred FBO effective May 1, 2024.

The recognition comes after a competitive voting process whereby Corporate Aircraft Association (CAA) members select which FBO at an airport they deem to be among the best, relative to facilities, services and pricing.

Executive Air Taxi enhances the CAA Preferred Network with its distinguished legacy of premier aviation services. Across 50 years, the company has consistently set the industry standard for quality and reliability. As a CAA Preferred FBO, Executive Air Taxi’s professional team is committed to providing members with the highest level of service and hospitality, ensuring every journey is smooth, efficient and memorable.

With a range of amenities and services backed by a team of aviation experts, Executive Air Taxi provides the exceptional care its discerning customers expect. Guests are made comfortable by the FBO’s modern executive terminal accompanied by heated hangars, and comprehensive services are made available around the clock.

Additionally, Executive Air Taxi’s FAA part 145 certified repair station keeps operations running smoothly, and cost saving opportunities abound with the field’s lowest fuel prices, and no landing or ramp fees.

As an Avfuel-branded FBO, CAA members have the capability to process their transactions with the Avfuel Pro Card, saving them time and money at the front counter. This is in addition to lucrative rewards on fuel purchases with AVTRIP.

Executive Air Taxi invites operators to experience the difference firsthand and discover why it has been a trusted partner in aviation for over half a century.