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Business jet and turboprop OEMs aim to improve customer support worldwide

ombardier provides leading customer service experience for its clients around the world, and continues to add key service enhancements. In 2022, it more than doubled its global aftermarket footprint, with new and enhanced service centres in Melbourne, Miami, Singapore, London Biggin Hill, and the start of construction in Abu Dubai – in addition to its […]

Hartzell Propeller acquires WhirlWind Propellers

Business aircraft environment during Covid-19

Anthony Kioussis President & CEO Asset Insight The official start of the Covid-19 pandemic may be debated for years to come, as will its effect on business aviation. To be sure, 2020 became an increasingly challenging year as uncertainty filled the air, and there’s nothing business managers hate more than to make major financial decisions […]

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Analyzing residual value

What is the aircraft you’re considering buying or selling actually worth? By Anthony Kioussis President, Asset Insight y any standard, an aircraft acquisition represents a ma­jor investment. But it is also a depreciating asset and, as such, its Residual Value (RV) is an important factor for anyone with a fi nancial interest in the aircraft, […]

August 2021

Understanding how Asset Quality affects value of an aircraft offered for sale

By Anthony Kioussis President, Asset Insight ou may be considering replacing your aircraft. How will its Asset Quality affect the value? Asset Quality summarizes an aircraft’s overall technical condition by taking into account everything – from the condition of the aircraft’s paint to its passenger interior – while principally focusing on the aircraft’s maintenance condition. […]

August 2020


By Anthony Kioussis President, Asset Insight Snake oil merchants in early America would travel from town to town and make impossible claims for their products. With music to draw them in, crowds formed as these unprinci­pled salesmen would lie to the assembly. Whatever malady an unsuspecting prospect might want to alleviate was said to be […]

March 2021

Understanding asset quality

By Anthony Kioussis President, Asset Insight t’s been said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and that can certainly hold true for aircraft. Regretta­bly, a nice-looking aircraft may be in worse mainte nance condition than an asset in serious need of repaint­ing, hence the need to objectively understand an aircraft’s Asset Quality. […]

Progress report – NOTAMs

The difference between diminution of value and cost to cure

Anthony Kioussis President, Asset Insight A Gulfstream G550 plowed into a Beechcraft King Air at Nashville International Airport. These 2 aircraft will fly again but the accident entry into the logbook will reduce their resale values. hen an aircraft sustains any form of damage, its effect on the asset’s value must be considered. True “value […]

Airbus Helicopters to support Sécurité Civile and Gendarmerie Nationale helicopter fleet