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For 25th Year, Avfuel funds eager aviators with scholarships



scholarshipWith a longstanding commitment to supporting the future of aviation, Avfuel is proud to announce its 25th scholarship class, distributing a further $5,000 in scholarship monies to individuals pursuing careers and advancements in aviation.

In total, one AVTRIP Scholarship recipient and three Avfuel Pilot-in-Training Scholarship recipients were selected from the 2023 applicant pool: Cherry Kan, Rachel Marrow, Tariq Collins and Evan Unzicker.

Kan—recipient of the $2,000 AVTRIP Scholarship—said, “I feel incredibly honored to have been chosen as the recipient of the AVTRIP Scholarship, generously supported by Avfuel. Navigating this journey becoming a professional pilot as a second career, the scholarship will not only provide valuable financial assistance, but also grant a sense of support from Avfuel.

Beyond the immediate financial aid, being a scholarship recipient deepens my connection to the AVTRIP rewards program as a pilot, and I eagerly look forward to being a loyal member for years to come. My ultimate career aspiration is to fly internationally for a Michigan-based company as a corporate pilot. I am beyond grateful that Avfuel is with me on this journey.”

With her $1,500 Avfuel Pilot-in-Training Scholarship, Marrow looks forward to supplementing her private pilot’s license with a commercial license and instrument rating.

“Upon learning that I was selected for the Avfuel Pilot-in-Training Scholarship, I was genuinely honored,” said Marrow. “This scholarship holds immense significance for me as it serves as a crucial financial aid toward realizing my aspiration of becoming an airline pilot. The financial burden associated with flight training is substantial, and this scholarship will alleviate some of the costs for both myself and my family.”

Marrow hopes her story inspires others: “This scholarship has reignited my commitment to achieving not only personal success, but also to serving as an inspiration for aspiring female aviators. I aim to share my passion for flying during my CFI training, breaking down barriers and encouraging others to pursue their aviation dreams.”

Collins, recipient of the $1,000 Avfuel Pilot-in-Training Scholarship, is a flight attendant from the south side of Chicago. Flying on a plane for the first time when he was just six years old changed his life forever thanks to the pilots on board. He sets out to invest his time in aviation education in order to increase awareness of aviation opportunities in underrepresented communities.

“I want to be the inspiration for someone else that looks like me to be able to pursue their dreams with confidence,” said Collins.

Down the road, Collins aspires to retire as a captain with a major airline.

Unzicker, recipient of the $500 Avfuel Pilot-in-Training Scholarship, is an early high school graduate and current student at Parkland College. He refers to his passion for aviation as all-encompassing. His professional goal is to become a private pilot who prioritizes safety and community connection. Paired with his love for aviation is an unwavering dedication to the craft.

“This scholarship is a big financial assistance to me as I … have been working various part-time jobs to pay for my schooling,” Unzicker said. “Thank you so much for selecting me as a scholarship recipient.”

Giving her thoughts on the awards, vice president of marketing at Avfuel, Marci Ammerman, said, “It is incredible to see the true passion these students have for aviation—a passion we at Avfuel share. It is our honor to reward aspiring and inspiring aviators; in doing so, we can support the future of an industry we love. It’s a mission we continue to prioritize year after year.”

These four recipients of the AVTRIP and Avfuel Pilot-in-Training Scholarships are in addition to another $30,000 awarded in 2023 as part of the Sheltair & Avfuel: Future Takes Flight Scholarship Program, which provides $5,000 scholarships to six aviators.

Applications for the 2024 AVTRIP and Avfuel Pilot-In-Training Scholarships open in April. The 2024 Sheltair & Avfuel: Future Takes Flight Scholarship applications are now available online through August 31, 2024. To read more about these opportunities to fund your aviation education and apply, please visit Avfuel.com/scholarships.