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2023 Corporate Aircraft Product Support Survey


Jets: 1 Embraer, 2 Gulfstream, 3 Dassault,
4 Textron, 5 Bombardier.
Turboprops: 1 Daher, 2 Pilatus, 3 Textron.

Embraer wins back the 1st place earned in 2021 in the jet division. Daher keeps 1st place in the TP division for the 3rd year in a row. Survey results are based on 848 line evaluations and 823 survey forms received – a 10.4% return.

Pro Pilot staff report
Data compiled by Conklin & de Decker

Corporate turbine aircraft operators rate the quality of product support received during the past 2 years of operations. OEMs work tirelessly to meet the standards owners, executives, and flight department managers expect in order to accomplish their assignments. Winners of the Pro Pilot 2023 Corporate Aircraft Product Support Survey are as follows:





Embraer wins back the 1st place earned in 2021. Its overall score is 7.76 this year, compared to 7.81 received in 2022. It places 1st in cost of parts, and tech reps categories.

Its Contact Center in São José dos Campos SP, Brazil is available 24/7 for business aviation to provide personalized support, working together with its global network of owned and authorized service centers, as well as FSRs, technicians, and mechanics, to ensure aircraft return to service as soon as possible.

Gulfstream ranks 2nd with an overall score of 7.73 this year, down from 8.24 earned in 2022. It is number 1 in the company response time, spares availability, and service satisfaction categories.

Gulfstream’s product support team is accessible for operators from the day of delivery, and works expeditiously to reduce downtime. Gulfstream Field and Airborne Support Teams (FAST) ensure a professional response to AOG situations, and technicians coordinate  with worldwide service centers to solve problems and get aircraft back in the air.

Dassault moves up a notch to take 3rd place, with an overall score of 7.71 in 2023, improved from 7.59 received in 2022. It’s 1st in the speed in AOG service and tech manuals categories. Best improvement is in the speed in AOG service category with 7.92 this year, up from 7.30 obtained in 2022 – an increase of 0.62. This is the greatest category improvement in the entire survey.

Its Falcon Command Center is vigilant 24/7 tracking AOGs events from bases in the US and Europe. Engineers and parts specialists are alerted and coordinate with a worldwide network of 250 GoTeam technicians, spares distribution centers, and aircraft to cover AOG situations.

Textron earns 4th place, with an overall score of 7.64 this year, down from 7.76 received last year. It’s 2nd in the cost of parts and service satisfaction categories, and 3rd in spares availability.

The 1CALL team includes staff who coordinate with Textron’s service network to give operators immediate service when AOG situations occur. Operators get connected with Textron Mobile Service Units (MSUs), which number 70-plus worldwide, to deliver parts and provide immediate factory-direct support in the field. 1CALL also supports the LinxUs monitoring and fault isolation system for Citation aircraft.

Bombardier rounds out the survey and places 5th obtaining an overall score of 7.32 this year – an advance from 7.24 received in 2022. It places 3rd in the cost of parts category. This OEM received major score increases in the cost of parts and tech reps categories – 0.30 and 0.25, respectively. Bombardier is ready to provide AOG support through its 24/7 worldwide service centers, authorized service facilities, and line maintenance stations, which employ experts in the field. A global network of 16 parts distribution sites move nearly 70,000 aircraft parts monthly, thus ensuring operators peace of mind.



Daher retains 1st place for the 3rd consecutive year. It received an overall score of 9.10 this year, up from 9.04 earned in last year’s survey. Daher placed 1st in all categories of the survey. Daher’s customer service is available 24/7, with its field teams ready to support customers and operators. Its online and telephone support is backed up with 2 primary maintenance centers, along with a network of 54 service centers around the world.

Pilatus places 2nd this year with an overall score of 8.07, down from 8.49 earned in 2022. It earned 2nd in all categories. Pilatus’s 24/7 Customer Support & Enquiries team is  ready to provide support and solve any issues operators may experience. The MyPilatus customer portal is the online gateway into Pilatus, providing key information to owners, operators, authorized service centers, and suppliers.

Textron (King Air, Caravan, and Conquest) takes 3rd place, and obtains an overall score of 7.72, up from last year’s 7.61. Textron’s biggest category improvement is in spares availability with a score of 7.60 this year, compared to 7.18 in 2022 – an increase of 0.42 and the greatest category improvement in the TP division. Textron’s global service centers are ready to provide maintenance service, inspections, parts, repairs, avionics modifications, and other services. 1CALL allows immediate AOG support whenever an unscheduled maintenance incident occurs.

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