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Industry experts share tips and best practices for good designs and lasting coatings.

Industry collaboration

StandardAero has been painting business jets for over 30 years. It has over 36,000 sq ft available in its paint shop. This Hawker 900 is one of StandardAero's most recent projects.

Paint technologies, products, processes and techniques are constantly evolving. In an effort to stay out in front of these changes, several industry representatives have formed the Industry Benchmark Forum. Current participants include Duncan Aviation, Stevens Aviation, Jet Aviation, West Star Aviation, Dassault Falcon Jet, Elliott Aviation, King Aerospace, and StandardAero.

According Klenke, "When it comes to aircraft paint, the products and processes are constantly changing and improving. To keep up with trends, industry representatives collaborate sharing ideas and solutions.

In an effort to collectively raise the industry benchmark, reduce corrosion and improve painter safety, a group of aircraft paint team members started meeting a couple of times a year to share tips and tricks of the trade.

Duncan Aviation Paint Manager Doug Bohac and Chief Operating Officer Jeff Lake hosted the 1st "Industry Benchmark Forum: Aircraft Paint" gathering at the company's LNK facility in late 2014."

Attendees agree the forum is mutually beneficial for the paint managers, shops and, ultimately, paint customers. The group will meet again in 2017 at another paint facility location to continue to build on collective knowledge.


Voisin sums it up well. "Although it is time consuming, a regular paint regimen is a requirement in any aircraft maintenance program. A new paint job not only enhances a plane's aesthetics, it also plays an important role in protecting the aircraft's surfaces from wear, tear and corrosion, factors that can compromise the integrity of any airframe.

Coatings protect the airframe's integrity, helping to keep the aircraft aerodynamic and ready to fly," she concludes.

Stuart Lau is a FDM systems manager for Kelowna, BC-based SkyTrac Systems. He currently flies for a large international airline and is a member of its safety and accident investigation committees. He also volunteers for a number of industry safety groups such as the Global HFDM Steering Group. Lau has been continuously associated with Pro Pilot since 1996.


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