Precision Aircraft Management flies clients aboard Gulfstream G200, Pilatus PC12 and 2 Citation XLs

Based at APA and operating under Part 91, this company serves the air travel needs of area businesses.

Director of Operations Tim Berry joined Precision in 2007. He is a former Naval and Air Force reservist and is qualified on all company aircraft. Berry primarily flies the G200 in addition to managing operations.

Forum Real Estate Group flies investors to visit multiple properties in different cities across the US. Precision allows them to efficiently travel anywhere in the US and return home the same day, which would be difficult to accomplish on commercial carriers. Additionally, if there's a short fuse on a transaction, they can take off and be on location quickly to resolve issues.

"Precision has been like a concierge service for our company and our family. They're like the Four Seasons of air travel; everything is always taken care of," declares Forum Real Estate Group Founder and CEO Darren Fisk.

Company personnel

Precision has experienced tremendous growth over the last few years and today has 10 employees, including 7 pilots, 1 mechanic and 1 admin. To provide better service to more customers, the company moved its base of operations to APA (Denver CO) in 2010.
Director of Operations Timothy Berry grew up around aviation and always wanted to be a pilot. His dad and uncle were private pilots and his ultimate goal was to fly in the military.

After graduating from high school, he enlisted in the Navy Reserve, started college and began his civilian flight training. With his ratings in hand, he worked as a flight instructor in Colorado Springs.

After college, he transferred to the Air Force Reserves and earned a commission through Officer Training School. Vision standards at the time prevented him from becoming an Air Force pilot, so he opted for Navigator training. He flew Lockheed C130 Hercules with the 731st Airlift Squadron, part of the 302nd Airlift Wing, at Peterson AFB.

While serving in the military, he continued his civilian pilot track flying Beech BE58 Barons for a Part 135 operator. He then flew freight in a Beech BE99 for Ameriflight before moving to Air Wisconsin Airlines, where he became a captain on the Dornier 328 and Bombardier CRJ200. In July 2007 he joined Precision to fly the PC12. He retired from the Air Force Reserves in August 2008.

Today Berry is qualified on all Precision aircraft but primarily flies the G200. Appointed director of operations in 2015, he manages overall operations of the flight department and pilots. He is working to ensure standardization of operations among fleet types, and is also developing company policy and updating the employee handbook. "I don't miss the airlines at all," says Berry. "I love the Precision culture, personal integration with the customer and variety of flying and destinations."

Berry has an AS degree in Aviation Science from Emery Aviation College in Colorado Springs and BS degree in Organizational Management from Colorado Christian University.
Scheduler Andrea Walsh has a degree in Business Administration from Westminster College in Fulton MO. She joined Precision in October 2016. Previously she held numerous customer service positions and worked for a company that staffed hospital emergency room for physicians and nurses.

Director of Maintenance Bill High­fill joined the Precision team in January 2017. With over 20 years of experience in bizav, he is helping the company move forward with Part 135 certification and operations.

She also worked in management and accounting for Catalyst Planning Group, a company her husband still co-owns. Combining her love for aviation, her customer service and office management background, moving to Precision was a perfect fit. "I love my position at Precision," says Walsh. "Our team is amazing, friendly and committed to providing customers with a personal boutique touch."

Walsh's responsibilities include direct client communication, discovering needs and making sure the aircraft is equipped per the client's request. She also coordinates crew needs, negotiates services and makes car and hotel reservations. Walsh spends many hours on the phone and she enjoys putting the pieces of the puzzle together to accommodate everyone. Precision uses the ARINCDirect FOS aviation software for crew scheduling, aircraft management and flight records.

Director of Maintenance Bill Highfill grew up with aviation. His father was a police officer and chief pilot for the Sheriff's aviation unit in Jacksonville FL and took Bill flying from the time he was 5 years old. Preferring to work on machines over flying them like his father, Highfill became an A&P. He earned a BS degree in Business Aviation Management and Aviation Maintenance Technology from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU). He has worked as a professional A&P in bizav for over 20 years, mostly in Part 135 operations.

Prior to joining Precision, Highfill gained experience working for several companies including Gulfstream Aerospace, Flight Options and Avbase Aviation. He has held positions as DOM, GM and Sr Ops Mgr in both Part 135 and Part 145 operations. He met Dole while working as DOM for ARINC in Colorado Springs.

They developed a relationship and Highfill was listed as DOM for Precision when the company was initially seeking 135 certification. Due to the FSDO delay, Highfill moved on and opened his own maintenance shop, AJE Aviation, where he worked on corporate jets including Gulfstreams, Citations, Hawkers, Challengers, Globals and Learjets.

Highfill joined the Precision team in January 2017 and is helping the company move forward with Part 135 certification and operations. He is currently the sole mx technician. His work focuses on AOG and scheduled inspections. He does most work in house but anything classified as heavy mx goes to MROs. Current aircraft are all on CAMP and Gulfstream CMP for mx tracking and scheduled items.

Pilot lifestyles

To provide customers and crew with stability, Precision pilots are dedicated to specific aircraft and clients. "Owners like to see stability with the pilots," explains Dole. "The relationships they establish instill confidence."

Additionally, all pilots take turns flying right seat in the PC12 when the mission requires 2 pilots. While the PC12 is certified for single-pilot ops, a couple customers require 2 pilots as a function of their business insurance, while others prefer 2 pilots for safety. The company automatically assigns 2 pilots if the flight time will exceed 6 hours or the trip involves a busy terminal environment.

Collectively the pilot team averages 25 hours of flight time per pilot and 7 to 10 RONs monthly. However, this varies based on customer needs. Pilots know 95% of their schedule weeks and months in advance. However, they have a 48-hour call out for emergencies.

For long trips of a week or more, pilots will occasionally fly back home via commercial airlines. They are also guaranteed to be home for Christmas and Thanksgiving, and have 2 weeks of vacation each year.

All pilots are typed at FlightSafety Intl (FSI) and return every 6 months for recurrent training. PC12 pilots will begin training at FSI this fall.


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