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Challenger 650 receives EASA OK. Bombardier's Challenger 650 received full type certification by EASA. Introduced in October 2014 as an upgrade to the 605, the Challenger 650 features an updated cabin and cockpit, and GE CF34-3B engines that produce 5% more thrust than previous model.

Sandel announces 3 new Avilon install ctrs. Avilon avionics panel for King Airs can now be installed by Stevens Av, Cutter and Technicair.

France calls for open medical system in wake of Germanwings crash findings. Citing the recently released BEA investigation into the Germanwings crash that killed 150 in March of 2015, French air investigation authorities are urging European aviation regulators to adopt a more "American style" approach to mental health. US, Canada, Australia and UK laws allow pilots to take medication and treat depression—and continue to fly—as long as they are under medical supervision. Parent company Lufthansa has already pledged support for any new safety measures recommended by the French.


NBAA adds 2 new focus areas to 2016 Safety Goals: Improving single pilot accident rate and eliminating ground handling incidents. Research shows 60% of accidents involving TPs certified for single-pilot ops were being flown by a single pilot at the time of the accident. On the ground, some 48% of respondents reported a ground handling incident or "close call" in the preceding 3 years. Fatigue, task saturation and intentional non-compliance also remain top focus areas.



Global small drone market will reach $10 by 2020 according to forecast firm MarketsandMarkets. Growth is attributed to need for border surveillance and general ISR functions along with commercials applications like agriculture and surveying. Highest growth is expected to be seen in the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, even though North America will be the largest market. FAA has doubled the altitude limit for commercial and govt UAVs from 200 ft to 400 ft for operators with a Sec 333 exemption and an a/c weighing less than 55 lbs.


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Las Vegas Police Av Unit acquires an Airbus H145 for search & rescue missions. Helo is scheduled for completion in Mar 2017, and will be added to the existing fleet of 2 Bell UH-1 Hueys.


Dassault Falcon 8X nearing certification. FAA and EASA certification are expected in June with entry into service in late summer. There are 3 aircraft in the flight test program and all have nearly completed all cert test requirements. S/N 03 will be the designated model to demonstrate operational reliability and performance in different conditions of flight.

L3 Lynx has new capabilities. L3 received authorization for the addition of a Class B embedded Terrain Awareness Warning System (eTAWS) option and an ADS-B Traffic Advisory System (ATAS) to its Lynx NGT-9000. The options provide both visual and aural warnings, with the eTAWS scanning 24 nm ahead to alert a pilot to a possible CFIT.


EASA awards Cessna Citation Latitude certification. Less than a year after the FAA certification of Citation Latitude, Cessna received the EASA nod for its new model, allowing the aircraft to also receive European registration.


Sikorsky-Boeing close to finalizing SB1 Defiant design. Having cleared its final design review, components of the the SB1 Defiant prototype are already under construction in preparation for assembly of the initial flight vehicle as early as fall 2016. The SB1 is Boeing-Sikorsky's submission for the Future Vertical Lift program.


Univ of Chicago terrorist expert Robert Pape claims there is a strategic logic to suicide attacks. Suicide terrorism is fundamentally a response to military intervention—where a rival is occupying territory the "nationalists" believe is rightfully theirs. Drawing on a database of suicide attacks ( started in 1982, Pape says his geopolitical paradigm is a better foundation for predicting where attacks may happen next by being aware of what forces are involved in battle and occupation. From an article in Mar 23rd edition of The Atlantic.

Between Jan 1 and Dec 15 2015 the Islamic State lost control of 14% of its territory. In the past 3 months another 8% of territory has been occupied by military forces.

West Star installing Advent A/C Systems anti-skid braking system. MRO West Star has been named an authorized dealer and installer of Advent Aircraft Systems eABS braking system. Designed for aircraft up to a 19,000 lb MTOW, Advent's eABS offers anti-skid braking without the need for power-boosted brakes, bulky and heavy hydraulic accumulators, and does not require mods to the existing landing gear or master cylinders.


Jet Aviation to acquire AvJet. Jet Aviation has reached an agreement to acquire LA-based Avjet, thereby adding some 45 a/c to its managed fleet. CEO of Avjet Mark Foulkrod will continue to own and operate the aircraft sales and brokerage div under the name Avjet Global Sales.

Vector is offering flat rates for overhauls of 6 Pratt & Whitney PT6A turboprop engine models as part of P&WC's PT6SMART Mx Solutions program. Operators can take advantage of engine overhauls that are guaranteed not to exceed a pre-set capped price. For instance a PT6A-21 engine overhaul will not exceed $275,000 per engine. Four Vector centers will participate in this program: Brisbane Australia, Summerside PE Canada, Paris France and Johannesburg South Africa. Photo is of staff at Summerside.
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Meridian Jet TEB celebrates 20 yrs as Part 145. Meridian employees gathered to mark the 20th anniversary of the receipt of the Part 145 repair station certificate. Once known as Million Air Mx Teterboro, VP John Langschultz noted that in 1996 "we had about 3 employees and one hangar with only 10,000 sq ft of working space." Today Meridian boasts 21 employees, and 2 hangars totaling some 60,000 sq ft.


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Tesla Motors earned 276,000 orders for its Model 3 electric car in 2 days. Model 3 has 4 doors, seats 5 adults, has 2 trunks and goes about 215 miles on a single charge. It has a $35,000 price tag. Forecasted delivery date in 2018.

Champion Go player Lee Sodol of South Korean beat an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program called AlphaGo in 1 round out of 4. Sodol found 2 weaknesses: AI program had a problem countering unexpected moves, and the machine had difficulty playing with a black stone. Game of Go involves 2 players taking turns putting black or white stones on a 19X19 grid. First move in the game involves placing the stone in 1 of 361 positions.

Taliban hit a technical glitch with its new app. Sadly they already have a Twitter feed and website with information in 5 languages.


Jolie Lucas of the Mooney Girls tweeted image below. Is what you love to fly imprinted on your brain?
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