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FlightSafety Intl celebrates 65 years.

Circa 1950s – FlightSafety begins training with Link Translators.




Circa 1950s – A.L. Ueltschi, right, with a client in one of the original four Link Translators



Circa 1960s – In the 1960s celebrities such as comedian and television show host Danny Kaye defined the jet set by training with FlightSafety to pilot their own aircraft



Circa 1960s – A FlightSafety DC-10 simulator during manufacture, bound for FlightSafety's Long Beach, California, Learning Center, to provide training for McDonnell Douglas instructor pilots and for airline crews.


1970s (1975) – New Falcon 20 digital simulator with FAA-approved visual system.



1970s (1976) – Backlighted displays animated with sequential lights and moving parts bring realistm to the classroom.



1970s (1978) – FlightSafety founder A.L. Ueltschi with a Falcon 20 full flight simulator – the state of the art in 1978.



1980s – FlightSafety's Bruce Whitman, second from right, and A.L. Ueltschi, far right, celebrate in 1980 when the New York Stock Exchange lists FlightSafety.



1980s – First of its kind helicopter simulator at new Fort Worth Bell Learning Center features six degrees of freedom of motion and six-window visual display.




1980s (1987) – Pilots training in a Boeing 727 simulator.




1990s – (1995) The new ideal classroom, developed by FlightSafety and introduced at the Savannah Learning Center in 1995, delivers the full potential of interactive courseware to maximize the learning process for pilots and technicians.



1990s (1993) – In 1993, advanced technology included type-specific trainers that could benefit both pilots and maintenance technicians. Here, technicians train on a Gulfstream GIV flight-deck mock-up in Savannah, GA.



2000s – FlightSafety has built and delivered more than 400 simulators for more than 60 different aircraft.




2000s – FlightSafety employs more than 1,800 of the industry's best, most experienced instructors in a growing number of Learning Centers around the globe. Instructors use advanced MATRIX technology to model dynamic aircraft systems.


2010s – FlightSafety's interactive classrooms enhance ground school instruction with aircraft systems adapted from the software that runs our full flight simulators.



2010s – VITAL 1100, the latest version of our industry-leading simulation visuals, brings unprecedented fidelity to training.



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